Dr. Dawn Lemonius

Dr. Dawn Lemonius’ professional career began when she entered the teaching profession immediately after completing her tertiary education at Bethlehem Teacher’s College in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica; majoring in secondary level Mathematics and Social Studies.  This led her to teach Mathematics, Social Studies, and West Indian History at high schools across Jamaica.

After a few accomplished years, she transitioned into the field of business; having been trained and certified as a secretary at Duff’s Business College in Kingston, Jamaica. Charting a new path meant a new working environment, and opened her up to an opportunity at the Jamaica Tourist Board where she coordinated and marketed training programmes associated with the organization. 

Since then, she has garnered extensive experience in government agencies such as JAMPRO and the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo), as well as both the manufacturing and hotel and a destination management company.    She is now a Consultant in Human Resources and Training and  Development in a variety of industries locally, regionally, and internationally. 

Dr. Lemonius’ passion for inspiring, motivating, and helping develop the careers of others, has caused her to passionately offer her services in the areas of Human Resource Management and in Training & Development to small, medium, and large- scale companies.  I have seen tremendous success in companies benefiting from my knowledge and experience.  

Her strength is also in designing and implementing Service Excellence Programmes in companies across all disciplines.  This programme is the vehicle she utilizes in facilitating change in employee’s attitudes and the organization’s mode of operation which has consistently led to efficiency and profitability. 

Dr. Lemonius is certified by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) as a Certified Master Trainer (CMT), and Certified Customer Service Trainer (CCST).   She is also certified as a Facilitator of Competency-Based Economies for the Formation of Enterprise (CEFE) Programme introduced to Jamaica from Germany, which is very action-oriented and designed to expose participants to the rudiments of entrepreneurship as well as personal entrepreneurial competencies entrepreneurs possess. She is also a Certified Wedding Planner with the Wedding Planning Institute of Canada.   

In addition, her love for sharing Jamaica’s culture through training led her to be an Approved Training Partner in the Team Jamaica programme offered by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo); which is a requirement for all tourism workers within the industry in Jamaica. 

Dr. Lemonius has written articles for Magazines published by Friends of Trelawny Association in New York (FOTA) and has made cultural presentations in Jamaica as well as to Diaspora groups in Florida.

Now she has authored her first book, “Mi Have Sinting Fi Tell Yuh”…Our Story, The Jamaican Story, in which she proudly presents a collection of Jamaica’s Oral Traditions by way of our dialect, Patois, Riddles, Proverbs, Everyday Expressions.  This book also includes Puzzles which are a fun way of learning about various aspects of Jamaica.


  • Designing and establishment of Human Resource systems
  • Preparation of Job Descriptions, Organizational Charts
  • Observation of company operations and corrective programmes for efficiency
  • Design and Implementation of employee engagement programmes and company Incentive Programmes


  • Preparing for and Delivering Quality Customer Experience
  • The Supervisor that Leads
  • How to Build Effective Teams
  • Growing ME towards Purpose and Greatness
  • Email Etiquette
  • Managing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace
  • How to create a Harmonious Working Environment
  • “When we get Lemons” … Managing Change
  • The Manager that Leads
  • Cultural Awareness….The Jamaican perspective


Dr. Dawn C. Lemonius, M. Mgmt., CCST, CMT, WPICC   -  Human Resource/Training Consultant, Author  --  Telephone:  876-336-4470 

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